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Missouri River Wild and Scenic Float Trip! {Montana Photographer}

We have had such an exciting summer, enjoying so many scenic areas in Montana.

A few weeks ago, we took my 10 year old on her first canoeing trip down the Wild and Scenic Missouri River.  We started in Fort Benton and ended at Kipp Recreation Area.  This is a 140 mile stretch of country that you have to see to believe.  It is rugged, even untouched in many areas.  As we worked our way through, it dawned on me that the area is much the same as it was when Lewis and Clark first set eyes on it.  It may have been a little much for a 10 year old’s first trip, but it is one that she will never forget.  I am so blessed to have shared this experience with her.

So….I need to share!!  🙂

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