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Jennifer Petritz a photographer in Montana with her daughter during family photos.Jen Petrtz

Hello! I am Jen, and welcome to my world of photography! I founded this awesome company eleven years ago as just a hobby, and now its turned into my passion. I invite you to come see the world and its wonders through my eyes!


I am a Montana based photographer and family videographer who loves adventure. I spend most of my vacations on long distance hikes through the Montana/Wyoming wilderness! (Go check out my landscapes to see where I have been!) I am an artist, a scientist, an adventurous soul, a mom, and most recently, a grandma! My unique trait is that I'm an engineer with a very analytical mind. This gives my work a unique perspective. Who ever said you had to be one thing anyway? I LIVE for coffee! Interested in my work? Let's get a cup!

Alle Winnings about picture. She is a photographer in Bozeman Montana. She is holding her baby girl in this photo.Alle Winnings

Alle is my name, and live action is my game!

I'm a Montana based photographer & videographer.

Based in Bozeman, I've lived in Montana all my life. What can I say, the mountains call to me! I am a creative, an entrepreneur, a dog lover, and a full time mom to a beautiful baby girl!

I live for my family so I understand how important all of life milestones are. So, I'm here to document all of yours!