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Beautiful, Strong Sydney! {Colstrip Teen Photographer}

I find myself coming home, after a long day at work, complaining about my awful day.  How awful was my day, really?  Maybe I had an argument….or didn’t get my way….or something broke that shouldn’t have.  This session really made me reflect.

I got to spend an evening with this beautiful, little girl last week.  She has been fighting cancer for some time now.  She is such a strong person….and so young.  It humbles me to meet people like Miss Sydney.  Never giving up, never complaining.  I left this session wanting to be a happier, better person.  To thank God for all of the gifts we have in life.  Miss Sydney, you keep on fighting because you are strong, and because you will win!  And I will continue to pray for you continued strength!  Thank you for allowing me to take these pictures for you!  I hope you love them, and see how truly beautiful you are!!!




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