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To Be Thankful…..{Colstrip Family Photographer}

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!  I am hanging out in Beautiful Butte, and I’m actually getting caught up!!  Planning on taking in a movie with Alex today, and then stuffing my face with all this wonderful food!

I always try to take a few minutes on Thanksgiving to remember what’s important.

I am so grateful for my husband.  He is my rock and my best friend.  I don’t know what I would ever do without him.  He has supported me through every crazy adventure I have ever had!  Including this wild ride with photography!  I think he thought I was crazy when I started taking classes and bought an expensive camera!  Who would have thought we would end up here!

I am thankful for my daughter, Alex.  Without her, I’m not sure which road I would have traveled.  She gave me strength to become the person I am, no matter how hard it was.  I was so young when I had her, but look were we have come!  From nothing to a great life.  I am so proud of the young woman she has become.

I am thankful for Hayden Margret, who is our miracle child.  After being told we would probably never have any more children, I gave up on the idea.  Wow, were we surprised!  She is an amazing child!  So smart, so independent.  I find myself amazed by her every day!

I hope everyone has time to count their blessings today!  And enjoy your holiday!!  And the Nelson Clan, Enjoy your sneak peek!

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