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My Sweet Hayden Margaret! {Colstrip Child Photographer}

I think we all understand that our children are each unique….each exhibiting their own special traits.  My daughters….both perfect in their own ways….always leaving me in amazement.  Miss Hayden is so intelligent, independent, spirited, and imaginative.  She is extremely stubborn (wonder where she gets that from…LOL).  She rarely wants my help, ever since she was a baby.  I realized a few weeks ago that my walls were in need of some updates.  I’ve been so busy taking everyone else’s pictures, that I have neglected to catch this special age with my sweet Hayden!  So I bought her this adorable dress, and had been waiting for some inspiration.  This is where the tree comes in.  I drove by it on my way to work and thought….WOW!!  Nature can be so very beautiful.  That is where we need to take her pictures!  We barely beat the horrible storm that was coming in, but I am more than happy with the results.  I was able to capture her just as she is!  Happy Sunday!!



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