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Cows and Branding! Today’s Old West! {Colstrip Western Photographer}

I working to push myself into photographing new things!  When my husband’s Aunt invited us to join them on their ranch for and old style branding, I was more than excited to jump at the opportunity to try something new!  I was truly humbled to be a part of their world, even for a day.  I get so caught up in my day to day, busy life that I sometime I forget to think about what is really important.  This family had friends from over a three state radius join them to help with the work of branding all of these cattle.  Everyone worked, helped each other, and most importantly, enjoyed the time together.  Thank you, Nate and TJ, for allowing me to watch and capture this experience.  I was honored to be included, and I hope you will enjoy my vision of your world!

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