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Hello! I am Jen, and welcome to my world of photography!

A little bit about me!

I am a mom, a wife, and a professional...
I live every day with the energy that it might be the last.

My favorite color is mustard yellow...
I am addicted to colored skinny jeans...
They bring me back to the 80's which is SO AWESOME!
I love to cook!  This is a new development for me!
My favorite movie of all time is Rock of Ages...don't laugh...
I've watched it over 100 times at least!

I sneak chocolate when no one is looking! :)
Coffee is my guilty pleasure...
And most of all...I love to laugh!!
I more importantly love to make others laugh!

I am mommy to two beautiful girls who bring me happiness I can't articulate...

My husband is my best friend...he brought me back from a very dark place and makes every day brighter.  

I am a recovered alcoholic...I mention this because recovery has brought back a fiery passion to my vision...Nothing is ever mediocre.


My art is my expression...

I look forward to sharing my passion with you and your loved ones!! 



Family Mini: $275 - 30 minute Session plus 15 digital images

Family Deluxe $375 - 1 hr session plus 30 digital images

Maternity/Newborn Combo $475 - 2 sessions plus 30 digital images from both

Newborn Session $375 (no time limit) Newborns are tricky!!  20-30 digital images

First Year Baby Plan - $1200 The Works!  Contact me for details

Senior Basic Sessions  $350 - 2 hour session plus 40 digital images

Senior Deluxe Sessions $550 - 2 separate 2 hr sessions plus 40 digital images from each session (80 total)

Senior Premium Session $750 - 2 separate 2 hour session, 80 digital files, Premium 12x12 Canvas Photo Album, Leather Collage

Weddings: $2500 - All day coverage plus all digital files (includes 12x12 canvas album)