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  • Hello! I am Jen, and welcome to my world of photography!

    A little bit about me!

    I am a mom, a wife, and a professional...
    I live every day with the energy that it might be the last.

    My favorite color is mustard yellow...
    I am addicted to colored skinny jeans.
    They bring me back to the 80's which is SO AWESOME!
    I make the best darn grilled cheese sandwich on the planet!
    My favorite movie of all time is Rock of Ages...don't laugh!
    I've watched it over 100 times at least!

    I am happiest when my children laugh, and
    I am saddest when my children cry.
    My husband is my best friend.
    My big yellow lab is my protector.

    I sneak chocolate when no one is looking! :)
    Coffee is my guilty pleasure!
    And most of all...I love to laugh!!
    I more importantly love to make others laugh!

    Taking pictures is my passion! I live to make time stand still!

Miss Deja! Round 2! {Colstrip Senior Photographer}

I have another beautiful round of senior pictures to share this morning!  This was such a fun session!  This gal is so talented….I was super excited to take her pictures with the grand piano!  She has introduced my little one to the piano, as well!  I am super excited for Hayden to get to spend some more time this summer learning from this beautiful, sweet girl!!

Deja!  I hope you love these as much as I do!!!


Meet Angel! Round 2! {Colstrip Senior Photographer}

I have a couple seniors this month returning for some fun in the snow!  And fortunately, this year, there is MORE than enough snow!  I have done numerous sessions now in snow and sub zero conditions!!  Been a crazy, cold winter, for sure.  That being said, I LOVE SNOW!  And this beautiful girl, mixed with some beautiful Montana weather equals perfection!

DSC_3105-EditDSC_3116-EditDSC_3122-EditDSC_3127-EditDSC_3131-EditbwDSC_3146-EditDSC_3148-EditDSC_3160-EditAngel4DSC_3164-EditAngel3DSC_3186DSC_3190DSC_3200-EditDSC_3209-EditDSC_3211-EditDSC_3223-EditDSC_3228DSC_3236-EditDSC_3266-EditDSC_3268-EditDSC_3278-EditDSC_3282-Edit SNOWDSC_3288-Edit-2DSC_3323-EditAngel5DSC_3328-EditDSC_3333-EditDSC_3337-EditDSC_3344-EditDSC_3346-EditDSC_3351-EditDSC_3357-Edit-2DSC_3360-EditDSC_3362-EditDSC_3365-EditbwDSC_3371-EditDSC_3389-EditDSC_3391-EditDSC_3395-EditDSC_3403-EditDSC_3409-EditDSC_3439-EditAngel1DSC_3464-EditAngel2DSC_3468-EditDSC_3472-EditDSC_3485-EditDSC_3497-EditDSC_3500-EditDSC_3523-EditDSC_3529-EditDSC_3533-EditDSC_3535-EditDSC_3548-EditDSC_3553-EditDSC_3557-EditDSC_3560-EditDSC_3563-EditDSC_3571-EditDSC_3582-Edit


Perfectly Imperfect…..{Colstrip Child Photographer}

Well, goodbye to 2016.  It has been quite a year for our family.  I think it has been quite a year for a lot of families….

In July, my mother had an accident which shattered her entire upper arm to her shoulder.  My mom is in her 80’s, so this has been a hard thing to work through.  I am sure many of you can relate with the difficulty in watching our loved ones grow older, weaker.  It is hard….for them, for us.  In the midst of my already busy life, I am squeezing in home care, therapy, whatever is necessary.  What I have come to realize is that this is an honor, not a burden.  I am honored to try to help the woman that spent most of her life raising my brothers, sisters, and myself.  She is a strong woman….I hope I can emanate strength like hers throughout the remainder of my life.  I hope my daughters can as well.  So this is to 2017.  May she get stronger, not weaker.  May we all exhibit the patience to help our loved ones.  To put them first….

Which brings me to my post.  When my mom was in the hospital in Anaconda, Miss Hayden was the biggest helper of all.  She tried to keep grandma’s attitude positive (which was not easy under the circumstances).  She stayed cheerful, and helpful.  Hanging around a hospital all day is hard for an 8 year old!   One afternoon while we were there, I took her over to Washoe Park to play in the creek. These images are of Hayden….just as she is.  No photoshop…all her imperfect perfection.  I developed these in Lightroom and left them as is.  I love them…..they are so her….Happy New Year everyone.


Winter Love! {Butte MT Engagement Session}

Happy New Year everyone!!  I can’t hardly believe another year has come to pass.  What a whirlwind 2016 has been!

We had the opportunity to go back home to Butte last week.  Butte has the most beautiful scenery!  NO!  REALLY!  I was more than excited to shoot some engagement pictures in the Highlands.  I miss the Mountains!!  This session definitely gave me my fix.  I hope this great couple loves their photos!!  So much fun to shoot them!!

Here is to 2017!