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Beautiful, Strong Sydney! {Colstrip Teen Photographer}

I find myself coming home, after a long day at work, complaining about my awful day.  How awful was my day, really?  View full post »

Meet Beautiful Shayla! {Colstrip Senior Photographer}

The one thing I love about this job is visiting new places and meeting new people!!  I was privileged to have theView full post »

The Art of Balance…..{Colstrip Montana Photographer}

Like many of my fellow Colstrip citizens, I have been living in a world of smoke and mirrors over the past number ofView full post »

Snow White in the Forest! {Colstrip Senior Photographer}

I have had this session in my mind for over a year now!  Boy did I find the perfect model!!  This fierce storm rolledView full post »

Part 2 With Miss M! {Colstrip Senior Photographer}

I have seriously had the greatest seniors this year!  I have had so much fun with every single one of them!  I wasView full post »

Alle! {Studio Style Model Photography}

I had the chance to shoot some creative studio pictures with my favorite model a few weeks ago!  We had so much fun,View full post »