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70 Miles Through the Interior Bob Marshall Wilderness! {Montana Adventure Photographer}

We have had quite the summer!  We have spent countless hours hiking different Montana wilderness areas. I hear everyoneView full post »

Long awaited Spring! {Colstrip Family Photographer}

I am definitely running low on wall space!  Every time we all get together, I can’t help but photograph these twoView full post »

To Sew with love….{Colstrip Wedding Photographer}

Last year was a pretty tough year for me.  One of my saddest moments was not being able to shoot my good friend’sView full post »

Life After Addiction….{Colstrip Photographer}

Life After Addiction: Wow…this is harder to write than I thought… I have reach a milestone. Maybe the mostView full post »

Missouri River Wild and Scenic Float Trip! {Montana Photographer}

We have had such an exciting summer, enjoying so many scenic areas in Montana. A few weeks ago, we took my 10 year oldView full post »

Yellowstone Park – Backcountry Hiking! {Montana Photographer}

We have spent A LOT of time out in the mountains this summer.  It has been such an amazing summer.  I have packed myView full post »

Bob Marshall Wilderness Traverse {Montana Photographer}

Hello, world!  I haven’t posted anything in a very long time.  I have been taking a break from my photographyView full post »

Perfectly Imperfect…..{Colstrip Child Photographer}

Well, goodbye to 2016.  It has been quite a year for our family.  I think it has been quite a year for a lot ofView full post »

The Art of Balance…..{Colstrip Montana Photographer}

Like many of my fellow Colstrip citizens, I have been living in a world of smoke and mirrors over the past number ofView full post »

Beautiful Sam!! {Colstrip Senior Photographer}

I don’t have time to do much writing, but I want to introduce everyone to my beautiful niece!!  Sam is going toView full post »

Disney Princess Magic at a Real Castle! {Colstrip Child Photographer}

I have had the idea in my head for a long time for this session!  With the help of all of my great friends, we wereView full post »

Thank you 2014 Clients! Now booking for 2015!! {Colstrip Photographer}

Again, thank you all for such a great year!  You have all made this journey of mine to rewarding for words!  I am nowView full post »

My Sweet Hayden Margaret! {Colstrip Child Photographer}

I think we all understand that our children are each unique….each exhibiting their own special traits.  My daughtersView full post »

Happy Halloween from the Haunted Dumas Brothel! {Colstrip Fine Art Photographer}

It has turned into a tradition at our house to do an artistic annual Halloween photo shoot!  From year to year, I keepView full post »

Meet Guy! {Butte Senior Photographer}

Well, we have know this family for many years now.  I was really excited to come back and take his senior pictures!  View full post »