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  • Hello! I am Jen, and welcome to my world of photography!

    A little bit about me!

    I am a mom, a wife, and a professional...
    I live every day with the energy that it might be the last.

    My favorite color is mustard yellow...
    I am addicted to colored skinny jeans.
    They bring me back to the 80's which is SO AWESOME!
    I make the best darn grilled cheese sandwich on the planet!
    My favorite movie of all time is Rock of Ages...don't laugh!
    I've watched it over 100 times at least!

    I am happiest when my children laugh, and
    I am saddest when my children cry.
    My husband is my best friend.
    My big yellow lab is my protector.

    I sneak chocolate when no one is looking! :)
    Coffee is my guilty pleasure!
    And most of all...I love to laugh!!
    I more importantly love to make others laugh!

    Taking pictures is my passion! I live to make time stand still!

North Yellowstone to Gallatin Sky Rim – 50 Miles of Remote Beauty!!! {Montana Adventure Photographer}

I promised my husband photo books of each trip….the problem is, I can’t seem to narrow down the pictures!  The books just keep getting bigger and bigger!

This was our second big trip for the year, and I will say, it was harder than I expected.  Each day seemed like a new challenge….I found myself digging deep more than once!  We started at the North end of the park and hiked over the Gallatin Sky Rim, and out past Big Sky.  Even though this was a hard one, at the end, I am sure I’ve never done any trip more worthwhile.  The crazy summer rain storms led to some of the most colorful skies I have ever seen!!  Good light, bad light, and everything in between…. I know I didn’t do it justice, but here is a walk with us displayed through my lens!   I hope I am able to give you a glimpse of Montana’s raw, natural beauty every step of the way!  XOXOXO





70 Miles Through the Interior Bob Marshall Wilderness! {Montana Adventure Photographer}

We have had quite the summer!  We have spent countless hours hiking different Montana wilderness areas.

I hear everyone around me talk of God, their church, their idea of religion.  Over the past couple years, I have found what that means to me.  God is in the mountains, the rivers, the trees, the air, the sunrise… Everyone has their own demons to battle.  I choose to battle mine here…in places like this!   Around every corner of the most remote locations, I find myself breathless and inspired.  I find myself grateful to be alive!  I am excited to share one of our many adventures with all of you!  Welcome to the Interior Bob Marshall Wilderness!

DSC_1217DSC_1222DSC_1225DSC_1227DSC_1228DSC_1242DSC_1248DSC_1252DSC_1258DSC_1273DSC_1279DSC_1304DSC_1334DSC_1337DSC_1340DSC_1342DSC_1346DSC_1349DSC_1352DSC_1359DSC_1361DSC_1371DSC_1373DSC_1377DSC_1390 Gates ParkDSC_1392DSC_1400DSC_1407DSC_1413DSC_1426DSC_1432DSC_1433DSC_1435DSC_1445DSC_1478DSC_1507DSC_1531DSC_1547DSC_1549DSC_1555DSC_1566DSC_1568DSC_1570DSC_1580DSC_1604DSC_1612DSC_1643DSC_1648DSC_1661DSC_1667DSC_1672DSC_1683DSC_1687DSC_1707DSC_1708DSC_1710DSC_1714DSC_1743DSC_1750DSC_1771DSC_1787DSC_1791DSC_1804DSC_1807DSC_1821DSC_1823DSC_1832DSC_1835DSC_1842DSC_1844DSC_1872DSC_1885bwDSC_1886DSC_1887DSC_1890DSC_1894DSC_1901DSC_1921DSC_1946DSC_1959DSC_1975DSC_1990DSC_2026DSC_2027DSC_2031DSC_2035DSC_2038DSC_2058DSC_2064DSC_2083DSC_2143DSC_2149DSC_2158DSC_2162DSC_2171DSC_2175DSC_2187DSC_2200DSC_2210DSC_2211DSC_2212DSC_2230DSC_2255DSC_2265DSC_2268DSC_2273DSC_2275DSC_2282DSC_2296DSC_2315DSC_2330DSC_2344DSC_2347DSC_2357DSC_2372DSC_2418DSC_2436DSC_2441DSC_2459DSC_2477DSC_2484DSC_2503